Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

In order to see what is really going on without having to demolish or disturb your walls and floors, we have modern thermal imaging technology which allows us to see what the human eye cannot.

See inside, behind and beneath with Thermal imaging! That's right, we like to take the guess work out of leaks and get straight to the bottom of any leaks or plumbing issues. Our Thermal Imaging offers exactly that so we can get in and find your leaks fast.

Within minutes, we can inspect an area and determine just what's going on, without the need for invasive demolition or deconstruction of walls, floors etc. We can often gauge the extent of a leak as well, providing a better understanding of the urgency for repairs and what might be required to complete them.


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We are happy yo answer any questions about your leak or concern and how we can help locate, diagnose and repair the leak with the help of our technology, including thermal imaging. As a plumber with an eye for detail and an appreciation of the cost to the customer, we aim to locate leaks fast, ensuring you get the problem sorted quickly and for the best price.

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